This this a branding concept
for KICKBOX Media.

This is an exciting time for video production. In the past few years, the effectiveness of video in customer conversion rates has skyrocketed. Companies of all sizes from all industries have been adding video content to their marketing material. KICKBOX Media, a video production company in Toronto specializing in corporate marketing, is taking this wonderful opportunity to carve out a place for themselves.

A talented group of people themselves, the KICKBOX team came to me looking for a brand refresh that would help them express their brand's personality, stand out amongst their competition, and connect with potential clients.

I interpreted the brand's personality in a couple of different ways and landed on this concept—dynamic, fresh and edgy—to reflect the style of their work and the story of the company. The founder of KICKBOX is a kick boxer himself who was inspired by the strength, strategy, and discipline of his sport. This was reflected in the bold and heavy logotype. Vermillion was chosen as the primary brand colour—a mixture of red for its energy and passion, and orange for its fun and excitement. These dynamic brand assets are balanced by blue–grey hues, sharp photography and clean stationery and marketing pieces.