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Tiffany & Co. Annual Report


This is a concept design for a
Tiffany & Co. Annual Report.

This 2012 Tiffany & Co. annual report was done for a corporate design course. 2012 happened to be the year of the 175th anniversary of Tiffany & Co., and the company was celebrating the Tiffany Diamond—one of the world’s largest and most stunning diamonds. 

In this annual report, I decided to tell the story of the Tiffany diamond, from when it was dug out of the ground, to the beautiful necklace it rests in today. 

The main element of the Tiffany & Co. brand is their most famous Tiffany Blue, which I used throughout the design. I added complementary yellows, purples, and oranges to create a lovely colour palette that well-suits the Tiffany Brand. A combination of transitional and modern type create a classic and elegant yet contemporary mix.