Lazy Lazy Raccoon Daisy


This is the book design and illustration for Lazy, Lazy Raccoon Daisy.

This project is a little different from the rest of them, I know. Daisy began as a project for a children's book design course. I fell so deeply in love with her and the process of her creation that and I had to make it a personal goal of mine to continue to develop and improve the story and get on the road to publication.

The final copy of Lazy Daisy is still a work in progress but I would like to share the first copy with you and maybe even get some helpful feedback.


I wrote and illustrated Lazy Lazy Raccoon Daisy for an audience of 3-4 years (newbie readers). All of the illustrations were crafted out of paper, photographed, and then digitally enhanced to add texture, highlights, and shadow. The dark backdrop is easy on the eyes and helps the illustrations jump off the page—reading this story book before bedtime under a lamp would be a soothing experience. 

The square layout of the pages allowed many options when dealing with the illustrations and typography, resulting in a visually interesting, memorable and dynamic book design.